Angela’s Biography

Angela is a Designer and a Photographer based in Toronto. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science degree at University of Toronto at Scarborough in Human Biology and a New Media Design certificate at Sheridan College. She initially became involved with STIMMA when a friend of hers was looking for the right organization to help in a medical clinic on international trips and when they discussed the idea to document on of STIMMA’s trips through photographs, STIMMA was more than happy to have Angela as its photographer and blogger.

Her first mission with STIMMA as the photographer was to Haiti in 2011 where she made it her personal goal to bring awareness to how much joy and pride the Haitians had of their country even with the hardships they faced on a daily basis. She is looking forward to joining STIMMA's future missions, to capture each and every moment and to bring the world closer together through those photos. To see more of her work, please visit:

The thing that attracted Angela towards STIMMA the most is how the directors, Veneta Anand and Linsay Buss, embrace each new volunteer and work with their full potential to create original products on every new mission using their skilled talents.

Falon’s Biography

Falon is from Kitchener, Ontario & has been working at Research In Motion since 2005. She initially became involved with STIMMA after hearing about them on 91.5 The Beat. She had always wanted to help others abroad & after checking out some of the blog entries & images from previous missions on STIMMA's website, she decided she just had to be a part of it!

Falon's key role within STIMMA is as their Communications Manager. Her main responsibilities are to maintain & improve STIMMA's online presence. This primarily includes maintaining & developing STIMMA's social media spaces & looking for ways to expand their reach.

Wendy’s Biography

Wendy O’Connor has been involved with STIMMA from the very beginning. She played a part in the initial setup, naming and promoting STIMMA, with her husband Dr. Liam O’Connor, who was one of the initial co-founders. Now, she combines her technical medical experience and musical talent to enhance the STIMMA philosophy in her role of running the harp program in El Salvador which was initially set up on her first trip in July 2009.

 “I was attracted to El Salvador because I realized that these children were living their young lives in a post war atmosphere.  Promoting peace and hope to these children through music, was my ultimate goal.  Little did I realize that these children would enrich MY life greatly, with their love and gratitude.”

Becky Pagett’s Biography

Becky Pagett’s first trip with STIMMA (and also her first time ever on a plane!) was to El Salvador in November 2008 when her friend first introduced her to the STIMMA team. She began in the role of triaging patients and that’s when she quickly saw the dedication of those involved and the genuine need and humility of the STIMMA members and that’s what attracted her to joining the STIMMA team.

As a Primary Care Paramedic in Ontario and a part time teacher in the paramedic program labs at Conestoga College, Becky took on the role of a clinic manager on her 4th mission with STIMMA to Haiti in May 2011. “This role provides many added responsibilities and has offered many challenges and learning opportunities, which I am grateful for. I consider myself very blessed to be able to offer help to those in need while at the same time being afforded the opportunity to travel, learn about different cultures and experience new adventures with each trip.”

Jenn Sprach Biography

Jenn initially became involved with STIMMA when she worked with Veneta at Shoppers Drug Mart and asked her if there was any way she could get involved with STIMMA using her college education in journalism.

Veneta was interested in creating a newsletter and Jenn was happy to take on the role of coordinating the newsletter. Jenn collects the information for the newsletter along with pictures from people on the trip, writes, produces and sends them out.

“I was drawn to the true charity of the organization; it was made up of people who wanted nothing more than to help. I really liked how little they spend for running STIMMA and their drive to bring every dollar to the people they wanted to help. The longer I am involved with STIMMA the more proud I am to be involved.”

Sanjeev Rajput

Sanjeev Rajput is the owner of The Marketing Multi-tool. The Marketing Multi-tool provides free graphics and web site design services for STIMMA because they truly believe in STIMMA's mission.

"By supporting STIMMA and their medical missions, not only do we help a local charity, but, through their selfless work, we can help spread positive change across the globe. We are honoured to be a small part of what STIMMA does, and proud that we can help to ensure that more of your donation goes directly to the people who need it the most."

PhIG Biography

The Pharmacy Innovative Garden (PhIG) is a project designed by the University of Waterloo, School of Pharmacy. It is a chance for first year pharmacy students to enrich in volunteer experiences to build a better future for local and international communities. This year, two teams have been given the opportunity to enhance STIMMA links. We have worked to provide the most current and updated information for STIMMA website users. Please feel free to browse the website, enjoy!

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