Day Three – November 8th Feeling Like Family

As another perfect day dawned in El Progreso two waves of Team STIMMA hit the worksite at the appointed times of 6:30 and 7:15. The focus continued to be laying floors in the classrooms and painting walls.

The space outside the classrooms was a beehive of activity with everyone hauling yet more dirt, sand, rocks and cement. Try as we might, we couldn’t keep up with the pace set by our Guatemalan and Mayan brothers whose work ethic is unparalleled. Floors that were predicted to take ten days, were completed in two. Each classroom has a concrete floor!

Painting also continued in earnest. All the beautiful local colours are now in play. Interior walls display Amarillo (yellow), Mango (orangey) and Verde Mente (mint green). The bright colours will hopefully inspire the student body when they arrive in January, 2017.

Everyone enjoyed their lunch break together.

Rather than two rides home in the afternoon, everyone kept at it as a group and worked on individual skills. Bethany practiced her softball pitching skills by tossing wood onto the roof.

T-Zack too a mud bath!

Overall another great day at the worksite with everyone appreciating how important it is to work

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