Day Four – November 9th Let’s Pour Cement and Paint!

As with the day before, today was focussed on painting classrooms and pouring concrete. With less wind today, the team really noticed the 28 degree temperature and visiting mosquitoes.

The priority, however, was laying concrete in the inner courtyard which involved, leveling, breaking up old concrete and laying down the new. With much enthusiasm, the team moved materials, mixed materials, poured materials and ultimately paved the inner courtyard.

Vic, our Albertan plumber, helped lay drains outside each classroom. Here he is with our Guatemalan foreman, Hugo.

To break up the day, an added task was building a staircase to the second floor.

While our haulers hauled, our painters painted. Yellow was the colour of the day and the sunshine spread throughout our latest classrooms.

Fernando heads up the local squad and combined with the STIMMA team, have made great gains in the past three days. Highlight of the day (of which we have no photos) was at the end of the day when a local woman came selling baked goods. Vic had everyone (and I mean everyone at the worksite) choose their items and paid for it all. A plumber with a heart of gold. Nuestros amanos Guatemala!

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