Day Five Thursday, November 10th – Is there really that much paint and concrete?


Another beautiful day dawned and another day was spent on paint and concrete.  With only the interior to focus on, tasks are limited. However, Geoff has announced everyone will be on paint duty tomorrow to share the pain!

Sherry began to work on her mural which will both serve as a learning tool for the students and also a pretty visual site.



Geoff bought a new paint to add into the mix (truly that’s the excitement on the paint side) which will be used tomorrow when we try to finish off the last of the rooms.  Today, the group chipped away using the paints we had.  Everyone agreed they will be glad to see the last of the Amarillo (yellow)!




Meanwhile on the heavy labour side, cement was mixed and poured to finish off some of the courtyard and also the parking lot.  As well, work continued on the second-floor staircase.








To highlights today: the first was the arrival of a student.  Boris, is one of the children who will be attending when the school opens in January, 2017. He and his family made a trip to the school today to check out the progress.  Everyone stopped to meet our young friend.






Second:  Bethany, Dee and Randy went up to the mountains with Geoff, Hugo and Kika to harvest maize for Henry the mule.  It was a great opportunity for our team to see the countryside and walk in the shoes of the locals as they took their turn hauling down maize a

nd bringing it to the worksite.





The day closed as it did yesterday.  A local woman carried a basket of baked goods to the worksite.  Today, Bethany treated the entire group to a some fine baking.  Yesterday, it was Vic.  Happy faces left the worksite with treats in hand.




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